Sudden Money: Managing a Financial Windfall


Susan Bradley, a Certified Financial Planner® for nearly two decades, designs and presents programs for recipients of financial windfalls. Since any such gain is relative, she says, this literally happens millions of times each year as people find themselves with more money than they are accustomed to managing.

“Managing a Financial Windfall is like an owner’s manual for Sudden Money individuals and families. Like an owner’s manual for a new car, it does not replace the trained mechanic. This book is not a replacement for a personal financial planner. Successfully managing Sudden Money is tough for most people. It is more challenging and complex than recipients anticipate. It is also difficult for many financial advisors to understand how to help new wealth clients. On the surface it all seems so easy: invest the money get a high return and enjoy being richer than you were before you got the money.

If it were truly that easy the success rate would be high and there would not be a need for a specialized financial planning discipline to address the unique experience Sudden Money creates.”

Sample Chapters:

  1. What is Sudden Money?
  2. The Three Phases of the Sudden Money Process
  3. The Decision Free Zone: What it is and How to Handle It
  4. Feeling Your Windfall: The Chute of Emotions
  1. Search for the Right Financial Planner
  2. Goal Setting
  3. The Reality Check

Plus 15 more including chapters on these Sudden Money events: Inheritance, Divorce, Marriage, Insurance Settlements, Lottery Wins, Athletes and Entertainers.