Stage 1: Anticipation

What It Is

Some events happen suddenly, and for them, there is no Anticipation stage. For all others, the moment you become aware of the possibility of the event and your personal narrative begins to shift, we say you have entered Anticipation.

Most Common Themes

  • Expectations change.
  • Relationships change.
  • Focus changes.

These can lead to challenges in the areas of:

  • Thinking clearly.
  • Prioritizing and making decisions.
  • Creating or maintaining healthy boundaries.
  • Handling yourself well socially.

What You Can Do

The priority during Anticipation is preparation for an event that might not have a definite date of arrival. It might not happen at all.

Tips for a healthy Anticipation stage include:

  • Cultivate a growth mindset about the event and the entire transition process.
  • Journal about your hopes and concerns about what is to come.
  • Identify and manage expectations (yours and those of others).
  • Avoid making decisions, purchases, or commitments involving money that only exists in your head at this point.