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Life Transitions Don’t Break For Pandemics

We are collectively experiencing a transition that is similar in many ways to the unplanned events that shape our individual lives. Confusion, uncertainty, and anxiety are around us and within us. We at SMI have been guiding individuals and families through times of personal upheaval as well as global upheaval for 20 years. We were here after 9/11 as well as in 2008, and we are here now. We can help you and your family better understand what’s happening now and what to look out for next. We have support, resources, and even a directory of advisors we trained through or education hub, the Financial Transitionist Institute. We’ve got you, during this global pandemic as well as the major events in your life, both planned and unplanned.

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If you are a financial advisor, please take this opportunity to learn from our experience. We’ve been at this for 20 years. We know that traditional training doesn’t prepare you for moments like this. We know clients need you to understand their challenges and have tools and skills to guide them through this unprecedented time. And we’ve got you. We have crisis training and triage training developed for moments like this. We were here for you after 9/11 and 2008, and we’re here for you now. Learn how to help your clients shape change rather than letting change shape them. Visit our education hub for more.

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We’ve spent 20 years studying the experiences of people adapting to life’s changes.

We’ve put some of what we have learned in an interactive journal.

We hope you find it helpful.

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