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There are 28 millionbusinesses in the US. Only 6 million have any employees at all.
Only 10%of businesses that are listed on for $1,000,000 or less ever have a sale.

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Get Your Signed, Hardcover Sudden Money Book!

by Susan Bradley

When money changes, life changes, and when life changes, money changes. In the late 1990s, while I was still a practicing Certified Financial Planner®, I was struck by all of the stories of windfalls-gone-wrong. For some reason, when people won the lottery or received large insurance settlements or inheritances, their stories often took unfortunate turns. […]

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On Learning Mindfulness with a Group

by Mary Martin, PhD

I’m an introvert. There is no one who wants to believe that we don’t need other people more than I. But alas . . . When I took my first class in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) I did it grudgingly after I couldn’t find a self-paced, on-demand class. In other words, I wanted to do […]

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Financial Transitions Planning, mindfulness

On Self-Awareness and Hogwarts Houses

by Mary Martin, PhD

In Why Self-awareness is a Gift,Gregory J. Hahn writes: “Self-awareness is the foundation of emotional intelligence. Paradoxically, self-awareness is a gift we cannot give to someone else. But, an assessment can help to release that gift for us.” He’s talking about the StrengthsFinder assessment (CliftonStrengths), which I have taken, in addition to probably every other […]

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Business Ownership, Divorce, Families in Transition, Financial Transitions Planning, Long Life Planning, Retirement, Widowhood, Windfall, Women in Transition

person as bridge between cliffs

On Trust and the Unknown

by Mary Martin, PhD

Rachel Botsman, the Trust Fellow at Oxford University, defines trust as “a confident relationship to the unknown.” Botsman’s podcast, Trust Issues is newish and I highly recommend bingeing the first season to get yourself up to date. In the episode entitled, I Don’t Know with Tea Uglow, Botsman and Uglow, of Google’s Creative Lab, have a warm, […]

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Financial Transitions Planning, Major Life Events