Massive Powerball Jackpot Prompts Advice From Experts

ABC News San Francisco
August 23, 2017

The jackpot for Wednesday's Powerball drawing has reached a massive $700 million.

"The easy part is buying the ticket" says Susan Bradley. She is the founder of an organization called the Sudden Money Institute in Palm Beach, Florida. She advises lottery winners and others who come into sudden riches how to deal with their new normal.

Bradley says many want their lives to stay the same, just with more money. But in reality, life as they know it is over. She says it takes years for most to fully adapt. She advises no rash decisions, and sticking close to an inner circle of people they trust.

"It isn't just money that changes you, you have relationship changes, you have an identity that is shifting. There's a sense of loss, as well as a sense of gain," Bradley said.

Attorney Von Herrmann is the lawyer who represented California's last big Powerball winner in 2014. She says Raymond Buxton handled his situation well. He waited two months before coming forward and when he did, he came with his attorney, financial adviser and public relations consultant.

"That's the most important thing. Once people know you have this money coming in, they'll come out of the woodwork. And, he did have some unscrupulous people and we were able to protect him from that," Buxton said.

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