Families First of the Palm Beach County Fundraiser Workshop - March 8th, 2018 in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Mar 8, 2018 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
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with Susan Bradley featuring Peggy F. Frye

8:30am - 12pm ($125*) 

When life is changing for one member of a family, often it has major implications for the whole family.  This day is designed to introduce techniques to work with families in a comfortable and productive way before and during transitions.   Learn a skill set that is repeatable and universally applicable to a wide range of clients and their families regardless of net worth or sophistication. 

This program is for advisors who want to help families avoid chaos-driven family decisions.

It will include:

  • Tools for improved communication
  • A format for facilitating the timing of decisions
  • A way to assess what is sacred in a family and what should change
  • A process for assessing and managing family expectations
  • A way to structure meaningful, productive conversations
  • 3 CFP® CE credits available 

Tools we will use: Communication Preferences, DFZ, Managing Expectations, Meaningful Conversation One-Pagers

* $199 for both sessions; includes lunch

† proceeds benefit Families First of Palm Beach County



with Susan Bradley featuring Dr. Roger Landry of Masterpiece Living

1pm - 5pm ($125*) 

Normalizing long-life planning as a component in client engagements.

Long life is best when it is a long, healthy, productive life.  This day will go beyond the technical side of planning and forecasting cash flow.  It will address supporting clients to be the best version of themselves as they live longer and hopefully healthier lives.  Planning must be more than just forecasting the cash flow and the assets.

During this day we will cover:

  • Essential elements that should be added to your planning process
  • Resources for clients as they age
  • How clients can assess their own health and aging process
  • Important essentials for clients looking to live healthier longer
  • The financial impact of successful aging
  • 4 CFP® CE credits available 

* $199 for both sessions; includes lunch

† proceeds benefit Families First of Palm Beach County


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