A Tool to Use with Your Widowed Clients

Kathleen M. Rehl, Ph.D., CFP®, CeFT™, Author of Moving Forward on Your Own: A Financial Guidebook For Widows, Sudden Money® Institute Faculty Member
October 27, 2014
A Tool to Use with Your Widowed Clients:  Position Yourself As An Expert In Working With Widows

When a woman’s husband dies, she may be faced with a terrible shadow of grief, fear, and uncertainty.

Just when a new widow feels least able to cope with life, when she’s low on mental and physical energy—that’s when there seem to be so many decisions ahead. The choices she makes can permanently affect her finances, family, livelihood, health, happiness and much more.

For her, it might feel that no one really understands what she’s going through. A widow has immediate concerns to take care of after her spouse’s death, including the funeral or memorial service. Then she will deal with other important issues, including collecting death benefits and settling his estate.

As a widow’s advisor, this is your special time to focus on financial triage activities with her. Help her be comfortable in a “decision free zone.” Delay making big irrevocable decisions during her initial deep grief. Wait until later, when her cognitive functions normalize. As one of her primary “thinking partners” you’ll assist your widowed client sort through the seemingly overwhelming tasks she faces.

Financial Steps for Recent Widows is a practical little tool, which can help your client during the days, weeks, and months of the first year after her husband’s passing. (This short eBooklet is a chapter from the award-winning book, Moving Forward on Your Own: A Financial Guidebook for Widows.) Checklists in this useful publication focus on organizing important information, collecting benefits, reviewing cash flow and liquidity needs, starting the estate settlement process, taking care of herself, ultimately beginning the process of transitioning into her new life, and more. She has your assistance as an empathetic financial advisor with skills, tools and processes to help facilitate her transition . . . as she moves forward on her own, but not alone. 

You can receive this eBooklet in PDF format at no cost by contacting me at kathleen@KathleenRehl.com.

Taking the right steps will help your widowed client regain a sense of control and well-being, so she feels more safe and secure during her transition.

My blessings are with you as you help widows move forward on a new path after the death of their spouse.


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