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John Darer® is a well-known structured settlement expert, Certified Financial Transitionist, Registered Settlement Planner, licensed insurance agent and thought leader, who is a 2018 A.M. Best Recommended Structured Settlement Expert for structured settlements. One of John Darer's strengths is being able to break down complex financial ideas and concepts and articulate them in a way to empower people of any level with the essential knowledge to feel confident to make decisions. Drawing on over 30 years of practical hands-on settlement consulting and financial services experience, John Darer® assists domestic, London market, and other international clients and counsel in some of the most complex cases in aviation, personal injury, medical malpractice, environmental, transportation and maritime, employment, divorce and commercial litigation. John’s diverse background brings a valuable asset to the table for his clients, whether providing assistance at mediation, during discovery, post-settlement, or "on the fly" New York CPLR Article 50A or Article 50B projections and analysis, or managing transition stress. Having been certified as a financial transitionist and with in-depth and ongoing training from the Sudden Money® Institute’s Certified Financial Transitionist (CeFT®) program, John Darer® is uniquely equipped with protocols and tools to help prepare and guide you through both life impacting financial decisions and the emotional challenges that are part of financial transitions that can temporarily dilute decision making skills at a critical time. 

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