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Peter Budge, Certified Financial Transitionist™, CFP®, has always been involved in education and the desire to help others. Having been a teacher at primary, secondary and tertiary levels Peter has also been continually involved with self-education.

Having gone through a number of life changing events Peter has had his fair share of Transitions. It was these transitions that lead him to study with the Sudden Money® Institute in Florida USA, becoming the first Australian trained and Certified Financial Transitionist™ and set the path for working with others who face life changing events.

Life creates many transitions. Death, illness or accident, marriage, children, divorce, change of employment, retirement, sale of a business, inheritance, lottery win or even a professional sports contract, all come with their own unique set of circumstances.


“When money changes life changes, when life changes money changes” – Susan Bradley Founder of Sudden Money® Institute.


As a Certified Financial Planner® practitioner Peter clearly knew the importance of the technical side of financial planning but what he found lacking was the tools and protocols to best manage the personal and equally important side of transition planning that clients required rather than just the technical side.

The Sudden Money® Institute has after more than a decade of studying and thousands of hours working with people in transition, has identified a process and tools to guide clients through their Transition and provided the training for which Peter had been searching.



We now understand that there are four, definable stages of transitions, and we also understand how our minds and bodies respond during those stages. We have been able to study the difficulties facing people in transition, and we have developed proactive strategies for either preventing them or lessening their impact. For example, psychologists tell us that “stress equals regress,” which means that when we are under stress our executive functions suffer. Our ability to plan, to see the big picture, and to sort and organize information isn’t at an optimal or even a normal level. Part of the transition process is to address only the issues that are truly urgent or pose a threat to your well-being, and to prioritize and order all the others, to be addressed over months rather than weeks.



SMI has developed four tools for advisors to use that will guide clients through transitions. Each has protocols refined by years of practical experience. First, there is ‘Communication Preference’, which demonstrates the dedication to using methods and means of communicating that are preferred by the client, not established in advance by the advisor. Second is the ‘Decision Free Zone’, which allows the client the time and space to process the human side of transition without the burden of having to make unnecessary decisions. Third is the ‘Purpose Method Outcome’, protocol, which helps the client clearly explain the difference the achievement of an objective will make in their lives. And the fourth tool is the ‘SMI One Page Overview’, which follows a specific formula to clearly illustrate complex concepts resulting in understanding and confident decision making.

A Professional educated in the architecture of change knows how vulnerable you can be when your world is transitioning, and they have the clarity and the skill to guide you through to what your new normal will be at the end of your transition.


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