Continuing Education Requirements

The Financial Transitionist® Institute (a division of the Sudden Money Institute) believes that its Certified Financial Transitionist® designation can only be maintained through continuous practice and education.

It is mandatory, therefore, that Certified Financial Transitionists®  complete and report a minimum of 15 hours of Continuing Education Credit per year, with at least 10 credits from FTI/SMI. Two of those credits must be for Ethics.

The 10 credits for FTI/SMI can be achieved by:

  • Attending one of our two annual live events (the Mid-Year Conference and the Annual Conference, which are approved for up to 11 CFP CE credits).
  • Completing on-demand webinars (including quizzes), which have also been approved for CFP CE credits.

The five remaining credits must have been approved by the board of the primary designation of the CeFT® (i.e., CFPBOS, IMCA, CFA Institute, AICPA) and can be reported online here.

Because ongoing practice is vital to the fluency of use of our tools, protocols, and processes, CeFTs® are also required to attend at least one live FTI/SMI event every two years.


Also see Maintaining the CeFT® Designation, for all post-certification-exam requirements, including a description of the continuing Levels of Membership.


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