Peter Budge



Peter Budge, Certified Financial Transitionist™, CFP®, has always been involved in education and the desire to help others. Having been a teacher at primary, secondary and tertiary levels Peter has also been continually involved with self-education.

Having gone through a number of life-changing events Peter has had his fair share of Transitions. It was these transitions that lead him to study with the Sudden Money® Institute in Florida USA, becoming the first Australian trained and Certified Financial Transitionist™ and set the path for working with others who face life-changing events.

As a Certified Financial Planner® practitioner Peter clearly knew the importance of the technical side of financial planning but what he found lacking was the tools and protocols to best manage the personal and equally important side of transition planning that clients required rather than just the technical side.

The Sudden Money® Institute has after more than a decade of studying and thousands of hours working with people in transition, has identified a process and tools to guide clients through their Transition and provided the training for which Peter had been searching.