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Women, Meaning & Money® began in 2002 with a fascinating one-day workshop designed to inspire women of all ages to embrace life’s changes with vision and resilience.

Women, Meaning & Money® 12-Month Coaching Program
This Coaching Program – provides women the opportunity to reflect on how they've handled change and where they get their resilience from. It provides a structure for determining where they are, where they want to go, and how to get there. It even has tips for how to create an advisor team to help them reach their goals as well as how to increase their well-being. 

WIT List Workbook

The WIT List is designed as an important first step in managing your transition. Use the WIT List to manage the many components of your transition and cut through some of the confusion and organize your action plan.

This workbook will help you track the ripple effect of your transition in eight areas of your life – Personal Finances, Wellness, Home, Insurance, Legal, Tax, Friends and Family, and Self Discovery.

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