The Financial Transitionist Institute® (FTI),

a division of The Sudden Money® Institute (SMI)



The Financial Transitionist® Institute (FTI) is the training and certification division of the Sudden Money® Institute (SMI).

SMI spent over 16 years studying the human dynamics of financial change and now FTI can teach you how to identify and work through the behavioral and cognitive struggles that lead to problems during major life transitions. We have tools to work through difficulties with communication, decision-making, and even implementation. And just as important, we can teach you how to identify when a client is in a state of flow and provide you with tools to further enhance that flow.

Your clients will be empowered by:
  • Their deep understanding of why they are creating and committing to their plan.

  • Their new perspective that allows them to make decisions with confidence.

  • The new level of trust they are able to reach and maintain with you.

You will be empowered by:

  • Having the ability to serve an enormous need - 100% of people will experience a financial transition.

  • The clarity and focus you achieve about who you serve and how you serve them.

  • Your clear, repeatable processes that are effective, efficient and drive action.

  • Seeing your clients more quickly commit to positive action with clearer purpose.

  • The improvements in communication and decision-making that you will see in all clients, whether or not they are in transition.


Learn more about our Certified Financial Transitionist® designation and what it takes to earn it.

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