Why Is Transition Planning Important

Obviously, transition means change. When life changes, money changes, and when money changes life changes. But the most important part of managing change isn’t the money. People in transition may gravitate toward the money—the numbers—because they are concrete and easily definable. But in most instances, the numbers are farther down the priority list than people think.

What’s more difficult, is a higher priority, and is what drives most decision making is the human side. The human component—the physical, psychological and social realities of change—is the real challenge, even when you’re attending to it. But when you aren’t attending to it because you are unaware that you should be or you’re unsure about how best to go about it, you’re very likely to compromise your future. When you land after your transition, your new normal can either be a financially and emotionally secure space, or one fraught with obstacles, anxiety and even chronic physical problems, in addition to financial problems.

When the right perspective is established, then and only then, can decisions be made with confidence and a commitment to positive action.

Successfully managing financial and life transitions is challenging and complex. Let our experts guide you through sound decisions.


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