Speaking Topics

Sudden Money® and Life Transitions

  • Sudden Money, Sudden Change – Managing Change before the Money
  • Ten Characteristics of Clients In Transition – How to identify and accommodate the challenges of working with clients in transition
  • Where Do Widows Go – Research says 70% of widow and divorced women leave their advisor two years after the event; find out where they go and why.
  • Transition Expertise Matters - Why financial services professionals need to learn about the human dynamics of financial change.

Client Alignment

The Art of Client Alignment: Nothing of significance happens without alignment, everything is possible when you know the art of alignment and realignment.

Breaking the Implementation Impasse – Find out why clients stall don’t follow through or return calls and what you can do to break the impasse.

Women, Meaning & Money®

A unique coaching program just for women, providing a safe space for you to process your experiences of change and transitions to prepares you for the financial decisions and life commitments that will shape your life.

  • Well Being Well Done
  • Marriage and Money
  • Women in Transition
  • The Two Sides of Money:   Success with Women in Transition Begins with the Other Side
  • Solution Series for Success with Women Clients in Transition
  • Experienced Advisors and Industry Experts Share What Works, Creating Success with Women Clients in Transition

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